Taurus Luminus
The Vision
At Taurus Luminus, we believe that the core appeal of NFTs is the art itself. This is why we are putting the focus back on the art, and ensuring that our NFTs are of the highest quality. We understand that many projects are now focusing on utility as a way to add value for holders, but we believe that this should not come at the expense of the art. That's why we are careful not to make promises that we can't keep, and we're committed to providing real value for our holders. But that doesn't mean we're just sticking to art; we have other exciting plans for our holders as well. Overall, Taurus Luminus is dedicated to providing a unique and valuable experience for our holders, and we're excited to share it with you.


Protectors of society! If you hold a crest it gives you a guaranteed mint of the Genesis Collection (up to 4) Click the next crest...


Bring faith and belief! Holding a crest gives you a seat at the table - this gives you voting rights with our DAO to create a profitable portfolio for your clan. Click the next crest...


Protectors of society! When you hold a Taurus from the Genesis collection - you aren't just holding a regular "pass". This is a pass that could see you earn actual passive income in real ada. Click the next crest...


Keepers of the secrets! Can the combined knowlege of the community result in a profitable portfolio OR will they struggle to agree and come to any consenus. CLick the next crest...

High Order

Lead by example! We are proud to be backed by some cNFT heavy weights and they like us, want to bring back high quality art.

Taurus Luminus
Taurus Luminus
Team Members


Artist & Co-Founder

Co-founder and artist extraordinaire


Marketeer & Co-Founder

A marketing guy and massive Cardano fan



A developer first entering the NFT world, former football club owner and blockchain enthusiast.

Also Featuring

The legends

N!ck (CNFT old dog), .diunu (theCNFTvault), Buurtvader (Moai Association) & ! !NOM nom (Ad Astrium)

Roadmap In 4 Simple Steps

Crests and Taurus Dollars are released, via puzzles, challenges, raffles and engagement.

333 Taurus are released onto the blockchain, each assigned to a clan and worth an equal share in the investment portfolio. They act as a 'pass' to mint Taurus Luminus X.

The community driven investment portfolio opens. Each clan will be responsible for choosing which CNFT projects to invest in and when to sell. Profits will be paid out monthly, with the clan contributing the most recieving additional ADA.

If Michelangelo was to have met the blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions
A Collection of 333 NFTs which act as the foundations of the society. At Taurus Luminus, we believe that the core appeal of NFTs is the art itself. This is why we are putting the focus back on the art, and ensuring that our NFTs are of the highest quality, however If you are a holder you not only have an ever lasting place in the Taurus society but an equal share in an investment portfolio, providing actual monthly ADA returns.
A full list of benefits to Crests & Taurus Dollards can be found on the white paper & discord. However in a nutshell if you hold a crest or dollar (your an OG pass) both give you a guarantee mint of up to 4 Taurus Luminus Genesis. The Crests have the additional advantage of acting as a 'seat on the house' you hold the voting power over what NFTs your clan will buy and sell. The dollars have the additional benefit of being 'exchangeable' for a Taurus Luminus X. The white list simply gives you the opportunity to mint 1 Genesis from any allocation that is not taken up by the OG holders.
What tell you and spoil all the fun?
We are working with our partners at Wytchspace. You will NEVER recieve any address on discord or twitter to send ada too. Instructions on minting will take place from THIS WEBSITE ONLY.